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  1. toxinologist

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    Nov 28, 2003
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    Papua New Guinea
    Hi all,

    I am currently looking for information on the clinical effects of bites by a range of snake species including:

    Demansia papuensis and Demansia vestigiata (black whipsnakes)
    Rhinoplocephalus nigrostriatus (black-striped snake) or any other Rhinoplocephalus spp.
    Furina tristis (brown-headed snake)
    Boiga irregularis (brown tree snake)
    Stegonotus cucullatus (slatey-grey snake)
    Fordonia leucobalia (white-bellied mangrove snake)
    Myron richardsoni (Richardson?s grey mangrove snake)
    Cerberus rhynchops (Bockadam)
    Enhydris polylepis (Macleay?s water snake)
    Aspidomorphus spp. (New Guinea ?crown? snakes)
    Parapistocalamus hedigeri (Bougainville coral snake)
    Salomonelaps par (Solomon?s coral snake)
    Loveridgelaps elapoides (Solomon?s small-eyed snake)
    Toxicocalamus spp. (New Guinea forest snakes)

    The information is for use in a study of snakebite by Australopapuan snakes and all personal information will be kept confidential. If anyone has been treated by a physician for the bites of any of these (or any other) species, I would also like to discuss obtaining permission to obtain medical records of treatment.

    Australian herpers will probably only be able to help with accounts of bites by a few of these species, as most are from New Guinea and are not kept in Australia. If anyone can help, even if only with first-hand anecdotes (i.e.: your personal account of a snakebite), please drop me a line.


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    Jan 25, 2003
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    Lithgow, Blue Mountains
    seen your PNG Tiapan doco the other day, top stuff, cant help with bites though.....have had a copperhead bite.....good luck, keep up the great work
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