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Discussion in 'Field Herping and Reptile Studies' started by Bench_Warmer01, Mar 15, 2014.

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    Hi All..

    Strange night herping.. drove over a water python on the highway coiled and thought it was dead. Did some more searching 10-15mins later drove back to have a look at the "dead" snake.

    Turns out snake was very much alive... with it's tail end coiled jumped out and had a look (busy highway so wanted to move him off considering seen a fresh road kill already) and in it's coil was a hatchling water python, coiled tight.. when the snake saw my friend come to take a picture it let go of the hatchling and slithered off (pics tell the story).

    I understand that they are opportunistic feeders, but was interesting with the size difference of the snake that this had even occurred..

    See first pic - Hatchling Water Python visible coiled..
    Second Pic - Bigger Python bails and I catch both for size example..

    I let both go on opposite sides of the road.

    Also so good size Olive Python on drive home..
    Gotta love the NT! kakadu 14 033.jpg kakadu 14 034.jpg
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