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Is my childs python shedding too much?

Billy Ingram

New Member
Early January this year, a friend gifted me a childs python that he could no longer care for. She is a year old (not 100% about age) and about a foot and a half long. She shed right after she was given to me and it was very hard for her. Had no idea what I was doing. Took her almost 2 and half weeks to fully shed. Because of that I started researching a little because the info my friend had given wasnt helpful. Humidity was the problem. I fixed that problem with lots of moss and misting everyday. Her humidity stays normal, but she has since shed 3 times. She eats every week (my friend was only feeding her every other week), and she has a good set up. I'm just curiousnif maybe I'm doing something wrong? Shes supposed to shed every 8 weeks, but shes shedding 3 weeks to once a month. She is my first ever snake. Shes also a bit grouchy sometimes. Is there a problem I'm missing?


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hey mate, too much humidity will do more harm then good

if you're going to spray, it should only be maybe once or twice a week DURING the pre-slough process

this is the typical setting you would find a childrens python, not much water or moss around here :p

maybe a picture of your setup will help more including hot end temperatures and cool end temperatures how you're heating etc

snakes shed when they grow, it could be that you're feeding her more than she was getting fed and is shedding from the growth

could also be a health problem but its unlikely --- however you did mention you had no idea what you were doing