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Is this abnormal for a olive

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I just seen a picture of this on facebook saying it's not abnormal for a olive python to do this has anyone seen a python do this?


I've seen my tigers do that when feeding them on Breeders Choice...then the worst bit is I have to get in there quick smart, restrain the snake and get that stuff out of its mouth :lol: ...hence why I feed back on newspaper.

The snake was probably after a bit of roughage in its diet?


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looks pretty overweight to me too, can barely see the spine. and the rocks!!! well i cant say ive seen that before. unless it was going for some prey and missed and got a mouth full of rocks. thats the only logic i can see.


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To me it looks dead & if it got run over the gravel might have just ended up in it's mouth. Certainly have never heard of snakes eating rocks.
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