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    So I’m setting up a new enclosure for a hatchling monitor and haven’t really only dealt with snakes I’ve never really installed lights for heating and UVB.

    My worry is getting the right UVB light/heat lighting and getting it the right distances for them to bask and get the right amount of UVB.

    The enclosure is going to be a basic 4x2x2 or 4x2x3 to start it off in for the first 6-12 months. I’m currently thinking 2 sockets 1 for a basking light and the other for a CHE for only at nights, for UVB I was going to go a fluorescent tube type.

    I’d really like photos of others lighting setups for young monitors, tips and advice, distances from basking spot and UVB and whether or not I’m just over thinking things.

    Species in question is going to be a Rusty Monitor. I’m pretty right with the rest of the husbandry I think.


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