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Just what we dont need: Footage of Australian bloke carrying snake through suburbia goes viral


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the funny thing is according to west aussie licencing i think that isnt allowed doesnt stop anyone tho🙃


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What really peeves me is the totally irresponsible reporting by “news.com.au”. Instead of pointing out the irresponsible actions of someone illegally carrying a python and an unrestrained foreign parrot (an Indian Lutino Ringneck, which in WA requires secure housing at all times), they make him out to be some sort of a hero like Crocodile Dundee. I noted there was no name provided for the writer of such an inexcusable script that sends a very clear message that it is alright to ignore the law. AS for the manner in which the guy was carrying the snake and half dropped it on the ground, it is clearly evident he coulsn’t give a rats about the welfare of the python, only about the image he might create dragging a near 2m snake around with a parrot perched on his shoulder. I hope that the relevant authorities are able to ID him and take the appropriate action. Morons like that, in conjunction with the appalling reporting, only serve to give responsible pet keepers a bad name. I’d warrant he’d have to change his underwear is someone handed him a dinkum ven species.