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    Hi Everyone, im selling this for a friend who moved interstate.

    Large Custom Herp enclosure with storage underneath.

    Built for my Beardies from a free standing wardrobe. They loved it. Carved styrofoam 'rock work' with tiling grout plastered on.
    Comes with a slightly warped but still functional Fluro fitting, ceramic heating element and thermostat. Wiring is present, built in to the walls and is ready to be hooked up by an electrician.
    Front "glass" is a sheet of Perspex from Mitre 10. Current Perspex is a bit scratched, but for not many $ you can pick up a brand new piece and drop it straight in, (no cutting or trimming required).
    Cost me around six hundred for the parts, plus many hours of work. Yours for $350.00
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    Bump!!! needs to go, will let it go for $100

    herp enc 1.JPG

    herp enc 2.JPG

    herp enc 3.JPG

    herp enc 4.JPG

    herp enc 5.JPG
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