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    Large two door,
    Eurotherm 3200 PID temp controller (industrial grade).Back up IMIT thermostat in case of malfunction.
    2x9mtr heat cords.

    Also have a Victron 70 amp sinewave inverter along with a 12/200 Gel Battery as a backup.Will run incubator for over a day in the event of a power outage.

    Has hatched anterasia to GTP's and everything in between.

    Pick up Sutherland (Sydney)

    $550 for incubator only
    $1000 for inverter and battery (new would cost over $2500)

    or $1500 the lot. incubator.jpg IMG_3173.JPG IMG_3174.JPG
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    Inverter and battery sold.
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    Incubator still available.
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    Sill available $500.
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    Need it gone.Will consider reasonable offers.
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