Long-Term Turtle-Sit in Melbourne Area


New Member

Hello reptile friends!

We are looking for someone based in or close to Melbourne that would like to do a long-term pet-sit for our beautiful eight-year-old eastern long-neck (ELN) turtle, Yertle (approx. 1–3 years while we are overseas). She is a curious and active little creature with lots of personality. Please see pictures below!

She has a full set-up and we will pay for anything needed to look after her – food, replacement lights, etc – as long as she is well cared for.

It would be great to have someone that has experience with turtles or someone who is happy to learn! We are happy to help with any support and information needed, and have collected some great care guides for ELNs. Her main needs are regular (often live) food (feeder-fish, crickets, shrimp, yabbies, meal-worms etc) and tank maintenance (water changes, pH checks, etc).

Her tank is pretty big (122cm long x 36cm wide x 46cm high) and currently sits on 8 milk crates (happy to arrange a proper stand if it helps). She shouldn’t share her tank with other turtles, but would probably be ok to share an outdoor pond setup with other eastern long-neck turtles.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know is interested and we can get into more details. Thank you very much!