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Looking For A Young Childrens/spotted/stimpsons/pygmy Python

Discussion in 'Wanted to Buy' started by SerpentWanderer, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Sep 3, 2014
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    Hello everyone, I am in the Brisbane Area and finally committed to getting a RWL and am looking for a young python of any of the above title variety. Wanting to buy between May and August and looking for a juvenile. I have had reptiles previously as a child (childrens, bluey, bearded dragon) for years, so I am not new but I wouldn't say experienced either. Looking at the pet store pythons but I'd rather buy from an experienced breeder who knows the history behind the python etc.

    At this stage my price range is up to $500 on the python, but good money will go to a good python. The set up I am looking at is a Reptile one 600s? the 60x45x45 enclosure with UVB globe, head globe and heat rock. Gravel bedding and a tree branch for it to climb.

    favourite morphs are pretty much all of them but T+. So ghosts, marble, granite and patternless are up there. If I could a Leucistic is top of the list but I know I'd need a lot more money and thats if the breeder would give up a beauty like that. Despite all that I will happily take a normal with great colours.

    Also if you have an tips or suggestions that would be much appreciated.
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