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    Hi!, I am looking for some scorpions and spiders to add to my collection. I am an experienced keeper and have had over 30 individual scorpions as pets. I provide spacious enclosures with numerous hides, keep them well-fed with Woodies and make sure I can give them the best possible home.
    The species I am looking for are as follows. (I am not too picky about the genders or age)
    Lychas buchari
    Lychas armatus
    Australobuthus xerolimniorum
    Isometrus melanodactylus
    Isometrus sp. "Orange tree scorpion"
    MALE sand scorpion Urodacus armatus

    Holconia murrayensis Murray banded huntsman
    Neosparrasus diana badge huntsman
    Typostola barbata
    Female Isopedella victorialis Victorian huntsman
    Isopedella Conspersa Queensland grey huntsman
    Yiinthi lycodes Wolf huntsman spider
    Prowling spider Miturgidae

    As for spiders I have had quite a few wolf spiders, and I have a massive female Beregama Aurea, (14 cm leg span) Obviously it's impossible to get all of these, but if anyone has some of these scorpions or spiders I am prepared to pay.
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