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NSW Mature diamond to good home


New Member
We need to create some space and would like to rehome a mature (maybe 15 years and maybe female) diamond python, a little over 2 metres.
She came to us about three years ago as an unwanted pet that had not been handled.
We’ve not been able to give her the attention needed to overcome her reluctance to be handled but she is not too difficult to remove from her enclosure and settles down once outside. She has never bitten.
Has been shedding/feeding well until cooling and has just begun feeding again although not very interested yet.
I can email pics. Located Sydney.

CF Constrictor

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Hi Rockland
I Live just south of canberra , would you be prepared to meet me half way ? If so please email pics.


New Member
Thanks Doug, but as of this morning we seem to have organised a new home. I’ll get back to you if it doesn’t happen.