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Hi, my female Uluru Woma python has milky eyes but only just finished her shed about two days ago. (Note: her eye caps were removed in the initial shed, and her eyes were fine afterwards.) She has been on antibiotics due to her shed not following through properly due to myself not having the humidity correct in her tank; I have now fixed this problem. The wrong humidity caused scale infection on her underbelly, although, she is now much better and doing well. Can the antibiotic shots she’s been getting make her eyes react like this, or is it possible she’s going into another shed?


Snakes which are experiencing skin problems can tend to shed much more frequently than usual. Commonly snakes recovering from a mite infestation will shed a couple of times in a short period, and while what you have described is nothing to do with a parasite issue, the effect of a humidity-related scale infection will be similar.
Providing you have corrected this underlying problem, the snake's shedding pattern should slowly return to normal.