Minimum temperature for pythons to digest food

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    I'm wondering if anyone knows the minimum temperature required in order for Australian pythons to break down food?
    I'm not asking for their preferred temp, but the minimum to avoid the food item rotting inside of their stomach.
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    There's no clear answer to this question. Some will manage to digest a meal below 20 degrees, others will regurgitate or have food rot in their bellies causing severe health issues in the mid to high 20s. Two snakes of the same age and species can be fed and kept at the same temperature with one digesting without incident and another having severe problems.

    Unless you are very sure about what you're doing, if you're not going to give them the option of spending more than half of the day, every day, around 30 degrees or more, don't feed them. Generally you want them to have access to over 30 degrees for at least 16 hours every day with temperatures not going too low overnight if you're going to feed them. Very few keepers have experience pushing the limits in a controlled way. Very few keepers have ever deliberately experimented with any attempts at feeding in suboptimal conditions, because other than experimentation, there's no point; it won't make you a better keeper, there's never any need to push the limits outside comfortable, let alone towards danger levels.

    'Australian pythons' vary greatly between species, ages and individuals.

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