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NSW Mixed Blood Animal Pairs

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Species Common Name
Carpet Python

6 Months


Quantity Available
3 pairs

Bred By

General Description
I have 3 paris of mixed blood animals ready to go eating strongly on Fuzzy/Hopper Rats. They are from my pairing of Hypo Bredli to Caramel Jaguar. These animals do not have the Jaguar mutation, but a couple have the Caramel Mutation.
I can split them up, but each animal's alone price is $150 or $250 if it is a Caramel.

These guys and gals are bulletproof animals, having fed consistently and handle well.
Not just that, they're great to look at as well :)

Nowra NSW (2.5hrs south of Sydney), but can freight for an additional $100 via Qantas AirFreight.

Willing to Freight?

Contact Details
Contact Via PM first.

License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers)
Given upon purchase


Pair 1 - $350
Caramel Female + Normal Male

Pair 2 - $250
Normal Female + Caramel Male

Pair 3 - $400
Caramel Female + Caramel Male

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