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    I went for a look on an unamed track tonight and had two awesome finds. On the way down the track there wasn't much to see except for some Trapdoor spiders until we got to the bottom of the track near the creek.

    A beautiful Southern Leaf-Tailed gecko, Saltuarius Swaini.This first one was a thin looking male. A little skittish jumping around in the hand.
    Saltuarius Swaini Male 3.jpg
    Saltuarius Swaini Male 2.jpg
    Saltuarius Swaini Male 4.jpg Saltuarius Swaini Male 5.jpg Saltuarius Swaini Male 6.jpg Saltuarius Swaini Male.jpg Their ability to camouflage themselves is amazing.

    Not much else down the bottom of the track.
    On the way back up was the second find, another Southern Leaf-Tailed gecko, Saltuarius Swaini, this time it was a very healthy looking female. She was a lot calmer than the male.
    Saltuarius Swaini Female.jpg Saltuarius Swaini Female 3.jpg Saltuarius Swaini Female 4.jpg Saltuarius Swaini Female 5.jpg Saltuarius Swaini Female 2.jpg
    Such a beautiful species of gecko.

    Finally right near the Viewing Platform for the water fall was an awesome crayfish.
    The photo doesn't capture its true size. It was actually longer than my hand and it was a female, she had a heap of young under her tail and was very aggressive so I didn't have the chance to get any other photos.
    Not a bad night.
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    the leaf tailed geckoes are stunning. :)

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