"my Snake Won't Eat"

Discussion in 'Herp Help' started by ronhalling, May 20, 2017.

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    Aug 8, 2017
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    Species: Caramel Jag sib
    Issue: wouldn't eat, food was to big
    Fix: gave is a smaller rat to what I originally was giving it
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    Jul 7, 2014
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    Okay I'm completely stumped with this one so I'm actually asking what the hell do I do now? Its been three months my yearling darwin carpet has been a great feeder for the whole year I've owned her now at a year old she has went off food for two months now. Here is a list of everything I have tried as in the past I have neever had to try this hard to get a snake to feed. 1. Leaving in over night. 2. scenting with a gecko, mouse, quail numerous times. 3. Leaving her be for a few weeks. 4. Covering her enclosure glass front with newspaper, added extra hides. 5. Tried different sized rats and different ized mice and even quail. 6. Tried assist feeding and tried to force once - spat it out every time. 7. tried defrosting in egg, tried defrosting in hot water, cold water, warm water. 8. Tried upping heat. 9. Tried feeding in tub she use to live in.

    Now the only thing that has actually changed is I moved house and put her in a bigger set up. She was perfectly fine feeding in a tub when I had her in one. Its been two months since that move and I thought she would have settled since then. Already downsized enclosure once. My only two other options are puttingher back in a small tub she lived in or trying Live. For the first 6 weeks she showed no interest at all now she is showing some interest but not striking. As far as health and enclosure set up go, her heating has not changed and there is no noticeable issues health wise, no bubbles, puss etc etc in mouth, colouration normal, no noise while breathing etc.

    WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE? It can't be breeding season as well its not that time of year and also shes only a year old. I'm completely stumped. Any suggestions guys?
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    ______fixing previous post sorry it has been 2 months in total with out feed not three_____

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