Need My Rough Knob Tail Gecko's Identified Pls!

Discussion in 'Reptile and Amphibian Identification' started by Merkkrai, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Mar 6, 2017
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    Hey Guys,
    So I currently own two 14 month old Rough Knob Tail gecko's and I'm hoping to get the specific species identified + the sexes identified. I bought them as either Nephrurus Amyae or Nephrurus Asper but i can't remember which one. The gecko's are normally a lot stronger orange then in the pics and i remember the seller told me they need hardly any water so I'm thinking they are Nephrurus Amyae and I'm thinking I have a male and a female as one has 2 bulges at the base of it's tail and is a far bit smaller then the other one which doesn't have these bulges. Let me know what you guys think please! 17155159_1670070113296425_4091097533436612612_n.jpg 17103250_1670070093296427_7326919018874442439_n.jpg 17201369_1670070073296429_892231227516150394_n.jpg 17191134_1670070063296430_6744816578324269581_n.jpg 17021768_1670070039963099_618546720225203643_n.jpg


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