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New baby Albino Olive Python

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Hey guys I thought I'd share a few snaps of my new baby Albino Olive Python ... Im still trying to figure a name out for her ... so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment.
Also if you would like to follow the progress of her growth and eventually her breeding Ive started a group on Facebook for Olive Python breeders and keepers , people that dont own olives are welcome also its a new group so im trying to help it grown if your interested in these stunning animals get over to Facebook and search "Australia Olive Python Breeders and Keepers" and get amongst it.

Cheers Guys


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I second Olivia or Olive. I love kalamata. You're making me so damn jealous. Beautiful snake you have there. Just makes me want to get a bigger house as quick as possible and buy and olive.


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Beautiful snake there mrsmithink, yeah if I had an olive python just like yours I would definitely call him/her Kalamata, my Greek heritage would expect this right of passage :D Ramsayi, that's gold... LOL!


I don't think it matters. Kalamata is still an olive and I love that name.

Should go with Kalamata! XD


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Lol love all the names guys thanks for the input... I would have replied sooner but for some reason my alerts weren't working.
I've called her Clio... I know it's not olive related.. But I like it none the less.
Highly recommend anyone that loves snakes to get one of these stunning things... I love her so much
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