New Ghost Carpets


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Still waiting for @Josiah Rossic to show his lil beauty
[doublepost=1597487015,1597455328][/doublepost]Male shedding at time of this msg, will post pics tomorrow :) female shouldn’t be far

This is completely normal, as they went from fortnightly feeds to weekly adult mice, their growth rate has dramatically increased

If it were the Same feed and they shed twice in a month I’d be thinking something was off and have a checkover of their tubs/temps

Josiah Rossic

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Yes! pic upload success!

louis 2 (2).JPG

louis 1.JPG
They'll be going in the gallery, be sure to leave a like, rating and comment.

Josiah Rossic

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Looks caramelish to me @Josiah Rossic

Here’s my male after shed
Thanks man. I think if the breeder said he's caramel then he probably is. I'm really happy with him now.
The funny thing is though, I share him with my sister who really doesn't care about morphs much at all. I on the other hand am crazy about morphs. She only bought him because he's a carpet.
BTW nice carpet herptology!
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