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    hi all,

    We are looking for our first snake for me and my young daughter - miss 6. She was keen on an albino Darwin but got bitten on the finger by a hatchling at a reptile shop and the keeper said they can be quite snappy when young and recommended a diamond python instead, saying they are much more chilled and good to handle. I have been reading up on the diamonds and love them but there are a number of threads advising their housing and temp requirements are difficult and many diamonds die young as a result of poor husbandry.

    1. Any opinions on whether albino darwins are more likely to strike?

    2. Are diamonds particularly difficult to look after?

    3. We live in Sydney and have no aircon so our house can get pretty bloody warm and in January this year we experienced several 40+ degree days where even overnight we could not cool our rooms below 26 degrees. Is having a hot house in summer months a problem for albinos or diamonds? Are there cool mats as well as heat mats available that would resolve this?

    4. What other pythons would you recommend for miss 6 and me as novice reptile keepers?

    5. Yes we will get a license

    6. Any views on Camo’s reptiles? Please inbox me.

    Many thanks!

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