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Newby with a Childrens Python


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Hi all, thought it about time to drop a hello in this thread.
I live on the NSW/QLD border (tweed heads) and we have a Juvenille Children's Python we picked up from a NT breeder. Her / his ?? name is Sahara.
Just love the beautiful rainbow shimmer she gets in the light. My daughter adores her and by the looks of the photos it is mutual.




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A beautiful snake and a beautiful daughter. I only wish I’d had the opportunity to introduce my own daughter to the wonders of reptile keeping at that age. (And my son for that matter.) Your young one is obviously captivated by the little critter. Too many people still seem to grow up with an inherit fear of snakes. By doing what you are doing your child will not become one of those people, nor do things like swerve a car to run over a reptile, or take to a snake with a shovel. It is always great to see someone sharing their appreciation of nature with the next generation. It is something we need more of!

Well done and a warm welcome to the forum. With your evident values it can only be a positive to have you onboard.