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Olive Python info...

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Ok, so I've done my home work and I've decided I would like 2 Olive Pythons. :p
Now when I say home work I mean everything I can find on the net.
So I'm happy with size of the snake, housing needed and food/heating bill.
All stuff you can find on the net, what I want to know if anything is, is there anything else I should know or you would like to add you think I should know about?

All info is good info and much appreciated.

Cheers Brian


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When they get older, and bigger, you'll need a second person around anytime you need/want to handle them.


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I never meant as in aggression, most Olives are puppies when they're older.
I meant as in a general safety rule of large pythons. My Bredli is edging on 3m now, and though placid as snow his whole life, I always make sure I have someone else around should he ever decide to turn these days for my own sake...


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Good advice Arevenant. Even though they seem to get more placid as they get older, a 3m+ snake with a feeding response doesn't care about how calm it should be.


l agree Olive Pythons may seem calm and placid most of the time but they can all of a sudden just turn on you, so you have to remember their wild instincts they have, once food is on their mind they will attack anything they can over power.

My female Olive is placid most of the time but she has be known to attack me out of the blue, where my male Olive Python his so placid he comes over to me and licks & climbs all over me, I don't mine him doing that to me cause l know his personality and trust him, but l am always watching him very carefully based on his movements where he goes and what noises he makes why he his near me.

l never allow my Olive Pythons near me once they have been feed a 300mg rat, l wait for 1 to 2 hours before l go near or touch them by then they should be over their food.

I myself have kept a few NT phase Olive Pythons since mid 2000 and know a lot about them and their behaviour, just like us they all have their own personality where some a placid and easy to handle and others can be flighty most of the time and don't like being touched or handle at all.

Its best to get them when they are a juvenile and watch them grow into a adult, by then you will know them and they will know you has their keeper.
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I can comfortably take my olive out, drape him around stuff, touch his head should I want to inspect something, etc. If I try to touch him after he's eaten it is a whole different ball game. He tries to eat me.
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