Pink Tongue Skink keepers - I need advice!

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    As most of you know, I keep and breed Pink Tongue Skinks.

    I have one breeding pair who reside together and have done since I obtained them. I also have another lone female who has always been difficult to handle, she bites and is generally not keen to interact with people. I mostly just leave her to her own devices.

    I will note that when I obtained the breeding pair, they were younger than my lone female and attempts at housing them all together were unsuccessful. She essentially chased them around bullying them until I removed them.

    Almost a month ago, my breeding pair started getting frisky, this went on for about a week or so and I’m hoping that female is now pregnant, due sometime early next year.

    After they were done, I attempted to introduce my male to the lone female... it did not go well at all. I had them both outside of their enclosures and at first they were indifferent to each other... however after a few minutes, the male lashed out at the female, biting her and then he turned on me, trying to bite me and even rushing me once back in his enclosure.

    Fast forward a week or so, he was back to his normal docile self and I decided to once again attempt to pair them up, this time in a tub on common ground. This time he was more aggressive than the first, biting at her head and neck and attempting to shake her. I didn’t let it go on for long as they were both very distressed and once again he was uber angry, attempting to rush me once back inside the enclosure and stomping around very visably upset for quite a while afterwards.

    I guess my question is: is this a common occurance with PTS’ when introducing them? I’ve read nothing of monogamy in this species and am almost 100% certain that my lone female is in fact female. I would have loved to have two pregnant females this season but am loath to attempt it again as all it seemed to do was upset all parties concerned.

    Any advice or experience would be fantastic.

    Thanks, Sarah.

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    Anyone? Where are the PTS keepers?!?!
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