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QLD Possible Het Olive Pythons

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Species Common Name
Olive Pythons

3 months

60 cm's

Quantity Available

Bred By

General Description
We now have 5 x Possible Het Olive Pythons ready to go to new homes...

No payment plans on these, but can hold for up to 1 month only.

Possible Het means a 66% chance of holding the Albino Gene, or 1 in every 3.

Approx. 60 cm's in length, eating freshly thawed velvet rats, in perfect health and come from an exceptionally clean, disease free collection that has been keeping and breeding reptiles for over 10 years.

#1 : Born 13/01/16 - Male
#4 : Born 13/01/16 - Female
#5 : Born 13/01/16 - Male
#9 : Born 14/01/16 - Female
#1 1: Born 14/01/16 - Male

Located on the Gold Coast. Freight is also available for $90 with any amount.

PM for further details, Price is Firm and NO Time Wasters please!

P.S. Please don't ask for photos unless you are serious, Olive Pythons look identical to the picture displayed below.

Gold Coast

Willing to Freight?
Yes, $90 for any amount

Contact Details
PM or SMS/Call 0488 271 728

License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers)



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Need to move these on... Prices reduced from $550 down to $395 ea.
We also have an offer going with our last Female Albino Olive (See my other advert). Purchase our Female Albino for $3,500 and get one of these P.Het Males for free. Freight is also included free of charge.
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