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    My diamond python prolapses when she poos, or tries to poop? This is the second night in a row it’s happened. She prolapses for about 15-30 minutes then the prolapse always retracts back into her body. Are retracting prolapses at all normal when pooing? Last night no poo came out but tonight abit did then instantly retracted back. Thinking tomorrow I will defiantly take her to a vet. Any thoughts?

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    As no one has responed I will give you my thoughts.........
    Little difficult to say if this is a genuine prolapse or not, how much of the bowel is visible?
    As the 'prolapse' returns itself it could just be a normal bowel movement. Prolapse normally involves swelling of the affected tissue which makes it unable for the animal to retract it which can lead to infection. Vets will use a sugar water solution to take away the swelling and enable them to manipulate the affected tissue back into place.

    As far as I am aware prolapse in diamonds is not a common thing, that said I do have a female that used to prolapse and ended up having 2 surgeries to resolve the issue. There are good old self help video's on you tube that can help if you ever have to deal with a full blown prolapse but it really depends on you, many people find these things difficult to deal with these types of thing and in that case if you are ever confronted with a full blown prolapse then assistance from a vet should be sought.

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