VIC PVC Reptile cages x 8 (120cm x 55cm)

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    IMG_0853.JPG IMG_0854.JPG 8 x Black lockable 120cm x 55cm PVC Reptile(Snake) enclosures.

    (6 Adult cages)

    -each with a mounted proherp heating panel and 2 light fixtures in each. (Total 6 heaters, light 12 fixtures) - perfect for large/medium sized pythons...

    (2 adult cages divided into 4 sub adult/juvenile cages)

    -each with a mounted proherp heating panel and 2 fixtures in each. (Total 4 heaters, 8 light fixtures) - perfect for sub adult/juvenile pythons...

    Comes with 1 habistat 600w pulse thermostat, sun switch to control lights, wooden dowell perches(uninstalled), 4 medium size ceramic water bowls(sub adult cages), 6 large size ceramic water bowls(adult cages), plastic snake hides for each adult enclosure, feeder tongs, snake hook, extension leads etc etc.

    $4000 the lot.


    (Adult cage divided into 2 sub adult cages pictured) - more photos to come...
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