Pygmy Bearded Dragons

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    $60 each, less for multiples.

    Booma’s clutch of baby Pygmy Bearded Dragons are ready to go to their new homes. They are all fat and healthy, very active and eating calcium dusted small crickets and veges (pumpkin and kale) daily.

    Their quirky little personalities are just charming, and I spend hours just watching them, and you will to!

    You will need an enclosure ready to house them in (bring me a picture please), and a reptile licence to purchase from me.

    I will guide you and give you advice if you are a beginner, and I won’t sell to you if I think you aren’t ready to own these little guys. Having said that, they are very easy to care for and easy going pets.

    All tail tips and fingers and toes present, starting their first shed now.

    The red/orange tones are just from the red desert sand they are living on. Their colour is standard.

    I am located at Woy Woy, just north of Sydney and you can collect them any day (with appointment). You can also view their parents Tyrion & Booma.

    Happy to send photos, just text me.

    Discount for purchases of more than one.

    The fastest way to contact me is on my mobile – phone or text 0410 020 050.


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