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Discussion in 'Herp Help' started by PMyers, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Well, after losing hope that my supposedly gravid female WAS gravid, due to the longer than expected time between last copulation and oviposition, complete lack of prelay shed, and the fact she was getting visibly smaller over the last few weeks, I woke this morning to find a nice clutch of healthy looking white eggs in her box. I honestly thought she was reabsorbing the eggs as I have heard this species can often do.

    Now this is my first clutch, and I am woefully unprepared. I have a spare bar fridge, a thermostat and about 9 metres of heat cord, so I think I will just go with that for the incubator. I have perlite and a container for the eggs. What I don't have is time... I am currently running late for a work flight, and won't be back for three days! So my questions;

    Is maternal incubation going to do the trick, as I have heard it has never worked with pygmy's?

    Can I leave them maternally incubated for a few days and then transfer them into a properly prepared incubator when I get back?

    Many thanks,

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    Ok. After moving the girl off the eggs to see how many were fertile (4 out of 4!) I can't get the buggers back upright again, as she was "holding" them in the right position. So I've opted to option 3 (bugger work!), and have the incubator set up. I've marked them as best I could using the torch in the upright position. As far as I recall, the little black dot amongst the red veins is the embryo, and this must be at the uppermost point, correct? Well I have them laid out and am placing them in the incubator now, so here's hoping...
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