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    May 13, 2004
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    Somewhere you will never be :)
    ok ill do it right now.......
    Name: Samantha
    Location: wollongong
    Age: 28
    Sex:Always opps i mean female
    Star Sign:LEO
    NickNames: Sammiepoo,pythonkisses and wickedkisses
    Yes afro i have snakes but i think your talken about the other snake very rare to find one in the wild hehehehehehehe
    Pets:diamond pythons,alaskan malamutes,cats,lizards,birds,rats (yes there pets)
    Fav Colour: Black,blue
    Spare Time:What spare time
    Work: Adult Business
    Hobbys: Snakes and web sites

    Hmmmmm what else cant think

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