pythons73 contact details?

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does anyone have any other contact details for pythons73 other than what is in his adds?

he is not responding to calls or sms's or pm's


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there was a thread not long ago...and they were saying he had something wrong with his phone.....


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As far as I knew, he doesn't currently have internet/computer access or very good (if any) phone reception etc...

Mrs I

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do you remember who the other person was trying to get hold of him, maybe find them and ask them for any other details they may have ...


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I am sure that I have mentioned something before on this subject?? Just seems to be going round in circles again and again!


You're got one post, how could you have mentioned something before if that post above is your first?

because his thread was pulled by slateman I think.. so those earlier posts won't show up on this regular forum.

the only numbers I personally had for him were his mobile number and a landline which I forwarded to you kellie. best of luck guys and hope it all works out for you. cheers


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yeah thanks to the people helping me get this sorted,
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