NSW Rat breeders Eurobodalla region.?

Discussion in 'Wanted to Buy' started by meako, Feb 16, 2020.

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    [​IMG] Hi...just wondering if anyone in the Narooma/ Moruya region breeds rats for sale.
    Ive got a hungry Bredli who makes short work of xl/jumbo rats...he prefers to gronk them back end first for some reason!? Ive just run out ...can not get up to my supplier in the Gong anytime soon due to work committments and not keen on pet store prices until all alternatives have been explored...
    Thanks in advance for any advice...and yes this is the same snake who didnt eat for almost 6months....now making it up for it with a vengeance.
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    Had to pay 38bux for one xl in moruya....!!
    Thats insane....

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