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Rehomed EWD Update!

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Hello again guys, I posted awhile back about a Water Dragon I rescued off of a friend:​


I finally remembered to do an update on him, (Now dubbed Totodile... it's a video game thing)
It's been a number of months and his perked up very well, got a thermostat and filter hooked up to his tank too, and rearranged it so he has as much water to enjoy as possible. Also got him over his fear of any food that wasn't a mealworm, he looooves crickets and is starting to warm up to woodies. I've gotten him to pick at his veggie twice but still experimenting with different ways of presenting, cooking, etc to see what'll get him onto a more omnivore diet at this point.

His very curious likes to sit on his lil lava rock to watch us all, sometimes he'll come up to the glass if he sees me with food, my favourite lil quirk is his sleeping spot where he rests his head on the ledge that the tank lid is framed around.

I did get him to a vet and he didn't suspect gout or MBD just have to get him onto more veggies, mostly just shared my concern over how small Totodile is for such an old animal (I think his nose to vent is around 25cm for a roughly 7yr old animal).
His shedded four times since being with me too, I'm hoping he might still get to a decent size I have an aviary all ready to set up once he does!

Thats about it, I'm amazed by how much his picked up, figured I'd throw a few photos of him up too!


Great job HoodieBeast, nice thing to do. Looks very adorable.
Like the name...

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