Reporting someone who doesn't have a licence, owning a python, that's now aggressive?

Discussion in 'Australian Snakes' started by LucyLuu, Apr 30, 2019.

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    Apr 30, 2019
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    Hey everyone.
    There's a long story to this but basically someone I live with has a diamond python, it was given to him by someone who also didn't have a licence, ever. The problem is I have a child and this person hasn't looked after the snake well at all, as in it's now very aggressive. No one can get near it and I don't want the thing in my house anymore, especially since it's illegal. I'm planning on reporting it, my only concern is, will I cop it too? Technically my name is on the lease where we're living, so I don't want to be blamed for having some illegal snake in my house! I just want the thing gone, I guess what I'm wondering is:
    1. What will happen when I make the report etc?, and:
    2. Will I get into any sort of trouble seeings as it's under my bloody roof?
    Any advice welcome, thanks!
    PS. I'm in NSW :)
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    Dec 21, 2017
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    No one will get in much trouble unfortunately. My concern is for the diamond python. It may be uthanised. If it was originally collected from the wild and strictly only collected and hasn’t been in contact with other animals someone could make the adult decision to release the animal where it was found. This may be incorrect procedure
    I’m just an amateur pet keeper and
    If that information is unknown best to report it to authorities.
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    not much trouble - I’ve been through a whole lots worse trouble.

    Never Nark on ya mates
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    Never Nark ....
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    Ring a local snake catcher to come and get rid of it. Makes no difference if it's aggressive or not, just about every python Ive moved of my property this season has been nasty af

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