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Reptile keepers


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Wanted to ask everyone there thought's on the popularity of reptile keeping especially in NSW
Since iv been looking to get back into keeping snake i feel like there is alot less out there compaired to 5 yrs ago
Iv been looking into breeding and am getting a little worried that ill not be able to sell my pythons
So has the reptile world gone down hill in my absence?


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Demand is currently the highest it has been for over 10 years, possibly ever.

I've been in the game for over 25 years so perhaps it's easier for me with a reputation for quality than for an unknown newcomer, but I can definitely say there's a lot of demand. I'm in Victoria but I still end up supplying a lot of buyers in NSW.

Breed good quality animals and treat people well you'll always be fine. Produce standard quality and/or fail to look after your buyers and you'll struggle.


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Your the best mate thank you
I hope one day to have the best reputation just gotta start lol im just struggling to find breeding womas not even many new posts lately was worried it had gone down hill
As a snake lover im so glad it has not I truly love snakes
As a seasoned breeder do u think you could shoot me a PM so I can pick ur brain a little iv got quite a few question id like to ask someone privately so I dont start an argument about what's right and wrong on the forum lol
If not thats ok