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    Just seen on other forums they have a “thumbs up” “thumbs down” “question mark/confused” reaction rather than just like!

    Then on each profile info above the individual posts has like “reputation: 50” or “reputation -50” which will start at 0 and go up or down 1 for each reaction to each post

    I only post this as being fairly new to reptile keeping 4-5years maybe 6, it’s a decent bit, however compared to others on here it’s a drop in the puddle and there should be a way to differentiate between the 2, as I enjoy sharing my advice and it being considered, however I would hate for it to be used over someone’s reply who’s got much more experience than what I/others with similar experience share.

    Also Personally I feel the forums feel a bit outdated and could use an overhaul with a new forum base- one thing that’s always griped me is “aussie pythons and snakes” what about the poor lizards we all talk about :p

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    Some examples


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