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Reputation system?


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Just seen on other forums they have a “thumbs up” “thumbs down” “question mark/confused” reaction rather than just like!

Then on each profile info above the individual posts has like “reputation: 50” or “reputation -50” which will start at 0 and go up or down 1 for each reaction to each post

I only post this as being fairly new to reptile keeping 4-5years maybe 6, it’s a decent bit, however compared to others on here it’s a drop in the puddle and there should be a way to differentiate between the 2, as I enjoy sharing my advice and it being considered, however I would hate for it to be used over someone’s reply who’s got much more experience than what I/others with similar experience share.

Also Personally I feel the forums feel a bit outdated and could use an overhaul with a new forum base- one thing that’s always griped me is “aussie pythons and snakes” what about the poor lizards we all talk about :p

[doublepost=1571546247,1571545779][/doublepost]Some examples





Sounds like you want it to be a BS popularity competition like on facebook.

I can't see any benefit for this kind of "rating system" unless it ONLY APPLIES to sellers ( and maybe buyers ) and acts as a transaction feedback / rating system.

I am with you on the name , I think AUSSIE HERPATOPHILIACS or AUSSIE REPTILE KEEPERS maybe.
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Reputation systems like this invariably get abused. It just turns into a game of who can get the most fake users to push them up, or cliques get together and vote people up/down based on their objectives rather than anything genuine.

As for the name, I remember thinking it was a stupid name when I joined all those years back, but it quickly became Australia's largest online herp discussion group and held that position for many years, and the forum under that name has so much history and recognition now that it would be silly to change it (chequered as that history and recognition may be! Haha!).


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Often reputation systems become popularity systems instead which can be two very different things. (I'm thinking back more years than I care to admit regarding how many kids at school were 'popular' but not necessary reputable).

Just because someone has lots of likes or is popular doesn't mean that they're necessarily qualified or correct with some of the new statements they make. As an amplified example - I could be really good at jokes, rack up 500 likes on jokes and then make an incorrect statement about snakes for instance and some may see me as being more repuative because of my liikes when in reality it's not associated. And then there's people that will post what they know will get them likes than necessarily what is the better comment to make. Even in real life many people hold back because they're more worried about being liked than respect for the truth.

Then there's the people who rarely speak but when they do - its' worth listening to. Someone who speaks a lot more is going to get more reputation points than someone who speaks rarely but speaks gold.

"Like" systems do no doubt has it's advantages. I do like the ability for instance to click a like on a post here to indicate I like or am grateful for a reply without having to create a reply that says only that and doesn't add to the discussion but as for trying to get reputation based on clicks - with the forum owner looking for a new host - it'd be good first just to get this sorted out without trying to make a whole lot of new changes. Just my 2 c worth.


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Sounds like you want it to be a BS popularity competition like on facebook.

Even fb has limited the impact of such a system.
Such systems can/do offer some direction/confidence but invariably end up being abused and lose any value for which they were intended.