Rev. George Rosendale dies

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    Gidday, On September 11. 2019. Reverend George Rosendale of Hopevale, Nth Qld died aged 89. In 1949, aged 19 George was bitten by a coastal taipan whilst stacking wood. First Aid was several chisel cut's to his ankle causing substantial blood loss. Unconscious, he was loaded in the back of a truck. George was driven over a rough bushtrack to Cooktown he barely survived the trip, infact he was pronounced dead several times. For nearly two weeks he was in a coma. He is remembered as one of the few people (maybe the only person) to survive a bite by a Coastal Taipan without antivenom. His story has been written about by several authors including Eric Worrell in his 1958 book Song of the Snake. Well worth a read.
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