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Does anybody know of a company that will transport reptiles within NSW?
I need to get it from Sydney to Port Macquarie preferably by friday this week


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Ive had snakes sent here via fastways, but they wearnt exactly marked as live animals.
As long as there packed well and have a this way up sticker then they should be fine, what do u plan on sending?


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Try Barnetts couriors. They take live animals and pretty sure they have a run up to Port Macquarie every day.

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I wouldnt trust Fastways with live animals unless they were marked as so... i have seen how our drivers van is packed !! And how things fall out when he opens doors ....


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a friend of mine uses fastways to courier his birds around the state....strange they not doin reps


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I got a gecko via Fastways 2 weeks ago, they left in the sun on my front door step and didn't even bother to knock, poor thing was sitting in the sun for up to an hour before i went outside and realised it was there, god knows why the idiot didn't knock on the door.
I rang up and yelled at them over it, maybe they decided us herpers aren't worth the hassle anymore lol.

Try Pack 'n Send, they will ship your dead grandma to Germany for the right amount of $$$


One of the members here, mysnakeau, forced the issue with head office some time ago. Since then I've despatched and received reptiles without any problems. It was only a decision by the local AaE rep that created the problem anyway it seems, and he has been given instructions by AaE in Sydney to toe the line...

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