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Setting up Reptile Terrarium


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I am brand new to keeping a reptile and I am soon going to buy a Stimson's Python, more than likely an adult snake. I have a Reptile One terrarium 90 x 60 x 45cms. I am getting things ready for my python and have a dual sensor thermometer and also an infrared thermometer. There are so many differing suggestions as to what the heating/lighting to use. I plan to have a UVB light set up over the top of the terrarium (not inside), and also a heat lamp.
I am just not sure about either. Firstly, do I need to have an underneath heat pad and a heat lamp, or just one or the other, and if so, which should I get?
As for lighting, as my terrarium is 60cms tall. which UVB wattage? am I best off getting so that I am providing sufficient UVB.
I am also getting a dual thermostat to operate the heater at the correct temp. and the light.
Lastly, apart from the snake and food. Is there anything else that I should get


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I would recommend getting a copy of "Keeping and Breeding AUSTRALIAN PHTHONS' Editor Mike Swan, and reading through it a couple of times. It contains very high quality information and should give you the answer to most questions you have.


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You will only need either a heat lamp ot heat mat, not both. There is a big controversy on which to use, but they both work fine so it’s up to you