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    I just checked on my nearly-6-months Diamond Python (it’s almost 1am) and she’s acting weird. She was using her head to move the substrate around until she dug all the way to the bottom, and then buried her head under the substrate.

    I immediately checked the temperatures. Air temp in the middle of click-clack was 25.8, the IR gun told me that the hot spot was 31, area where she was digging was 27 and cool spot was 24. Her skin surface temperature was 27.6.

    She’s due for feed tomorrow, and she shed last week. I’m not surprised that she’s very active at night, I guess she’s hungry and displaying hunting behaviour. I’m just perplexed about some of the things she does.

    I’m fascinated by her various behaviours, but as her kind of intelligence is so alien, I’m trying to find explanations for the things she does. It’s too easy to humanise (or at least mammalian-ise) her, but it’s the wrong thing to do.

    I’ve been trying to find info on various behaviours and reasons behind those, but that kind of info seems to be pretty scarce on internet.

    I hope there are people on this forum who are knowledgeable about python behaviours and what they mean, and/or can point me in the right direction.

    Edit: the holes she dug:

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