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Show us Your Ants! The Antaresia Appreciation Thread!


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Hatching out a marble x patternless het clutch. Nice to see some true patternless 100% het marbles coming out :) (and as you can see, some with pattern as well! The one in the middle there actually has a sort of funky pattern) Looks like there will be some nice visual marbles in this clutch too :)

visual marble with patternless hets.jpg

visual marble with patternless het.jpg


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One of this years clutch, 5 of 6 have had 3 unassisted feeds. So teeny


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One I bred last year.
Wow looks amazing 👍🏼


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Haha, I know that it's a children's python, I was asking what it was on the genetic side of things. And by the way"spicy" is just my definition of a good looking snake.

Ah, I am undone! Failing to address a metaphor and instead responding to it in a literal sense! All the same, thank you for the compliment, I agree, he's one good-looking snake, although in a sense, two good-looking snakes, or two partial snakes which together compliment each other to make up one snake. I won't split hairs.

It's a chimeric Children's Python, with four complete sets of the Children's Python genome in the one individual, though only the regular compliment of two sets in any specific part of the snake's body.


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My children's python. About 18 months old now. Came from a breeder in the NT near Darwin.
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Picked him up this afternoon. 9 year old spotted python who unfortunately didn't fit into his previous owners new unit. I'm Happy to have a new house mate 🐍
Beautiful rainbow flares in overhead light, can't wait to see him out in the sun.
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