Snake in a Brisbane toilet gives international students a fright

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    By Gemma Bath • Producer

    International students have had a real Aussie experience in a Brisbane share house, after a snake was found curled up inside their toilet.

    Snake catcher Jaane Torkkola was called to the home at Dutton Park on December 29, to deal with the metre long carpet python.

    “Dang toilet snakes lol,” he posted alongside a video of the culprit on his company website Snake Out Brisbane.
    A metre long snake was found in a share-hose toilet in Brisbane. (Snake Out Brisbane)

    “This is what can happen when you leave bathroom windows open and unscreened in summer, particularly if you live next to a parkland and the river.”

    The Brisbane based business is a 24/7 service, working in and around the Brisbane area.

    A carpet python can grow up to 3.5 metres, and are common to the north-east of Australia.

    They are not deadly to humans.

    “Much disinfectant required!” joked the public Facebook post which has, since its posting on Thursday, been watched more than 4000 times.

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