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Discussion in 'Australian Snakes' started by Beans, Nov 11, 2013.

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  1. Beans

    Beans Guest

    I'll be going up to Brisbane in a about a month and a little for what will most likely be a decent while. And I really would prefer to take Freya with me. What would be the best way to get her there safely? I'll be flying up.

    And also, I assume I'll have to apply for a Queensland reptile license?

    I'm going to ring up the airport tomorrow and see what they say. Seeing as she is so tiny, although I highly doubt it the may let me have her on carry on if shes secure inside a box. Not too hopeful though.
  2. marcus0002

    marcus0002 Guest

    Treat it the same as if you were moving here full time. Get the qld license online using an address in Queensland. Fill out export docs for the nsw end and import docs for qld. Just Google importing reptiles into qld.
    As for the plane it will probably have to be checked baggage in the same area they put pets in.
    You will need all relevant docs before you leave.

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  3. Beans

    Beans Guest

    Ah yeah I found the import / export permit on the DSE website. I didn't see a price though o.o I'll keep looking but do you know the rough cost of it?
  4. Vengeance

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    Mar 29, 2013
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    When we moved from Brisbane to Sydney, I had to apply for the NSW Permit, Import permit for NSW as well as a QLD Movement Permit (not to be confused with the Movement Advice form) for moving an animal out of QLD. However upon another look at the Movement Permit's parameters, there is no section for moving an animal into QLD, just out of. Perhaps in that event, a Movement Advice is all that is required.

    A Movement Permit has a fee of $13.85.
    A Movement Advice is free if printed from the web, if obtained through the EHP it is $3.15.
    The Schedule of fees can be found on the Deparmtment of Evironment and Heritage Protection website by clicking on "Licenses and permits" under the topics list on the left hand side, then the "Plants and animals" hyperlink and finally the "Information sheets" hyperlink. The last link is the Schedule of fees.

    If in doubt perhaps phone the EHP, they were quite friendly when I rang them and I wasn't on hold for long. I was confused as to whether or not I needed a Movement Advice or Movement Permit, they set me onto the right track and I was able to obtain the necessary paperwork before we left the state. If you just need a Movement Advice, you'll probably need to have that information for the Export permit, there is no processing time if printed from their site, although you will have to complete it digitally except for the section requiring a signature. If you need a Movement Permit, they do take up to 40 business days to process from the time of them receiving the Permit, as stated on their form, so it would be a beneficial to find out sooner rather than later which one you require. However, I was able to have my Movement Permit moved through quicker, by sending them an email explaining my situation. For simplicity's sake, I hope you'll only need the Movement Advice, far less stress involved with those.

    In regards to the Victorian Export Permit, their form doesn't have anywhere that states a fee, like the QLD Movement Permit does, strange. I see there is a fee associated with the Victorian Wildlife License, but there is no information on whether or not the Import/Export permit has a fee. Perhaps give them a call if nobody is able to shed some light on the issue?

    I'm unable to offer any input on how to transport Freya, we brought our reptiles with us in the car, secured in pillowcases and placed into a ventilated tub.

    Best of luck with the move, I hope you are able to bring Freya with you. :)
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