Snake Whisperer Outdoor Reptile Enclosures.......

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I recently decided to update all of my Outdoor Bluey enclosures & of course increase them in number lol...... so based on the different designs that I had experienced success with before I had a blue-print in my mind as to what I wanted to achieve....

I then gave Aaron (The Snake Whisperer) my ideas & then we came up with the following attached design that is suitable for all outdoor reptiles.......

Height - 400mm
Length - 1200mm
Width - 750mm

Check out the images.... I'll insert real life pics of the enclosures in situ & run thru all of the materials used & thought process behind them during the course of the afternoon....


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Great stuff. I'd like to move my beardies outside next summer, so I'll be following this with great interest.


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Oh this is good I'm looking at finally moving my diamond outside and can't seem to find anything I like.


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here are the images...... 6 enclosures in total (ignore the other few that I have scattered around them).......

Points to note...

- The floor of the enclosures is angled from back to front to allow drainage
- The roof has a pitch from front to back to allow run off
- The sides are made from heavy duty flyscreen so as to allow low trajectory winter sun... essential for morning bask as covered sides make this difficult...


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They look amazing jinj.. Such a good set up!! The blueys will love you! It's good how they get the morning sun but some afternoon shade too.. Very nice!!


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They are not expensive but you will have to contact Snake Whisperer for prices.... you can tailor them to your needs also... these obviously work for Blueys with the hide hole positioned near the ground.... you may wish to place the hole higher for snakes etc or attach branches.....

Please note however these are outdoor enclosures built to stand outdoor conditions but I have as you can see in the pictures attached Tarpaulins to the fence behind them enabling me to partially cover on really hot days or fully cover when there is a 3-4 day deluge of rain etc...... Outdoor conditions will wear most things.... The tarps will prolong their life......


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look great mate....with the low/flat layout they might be good for keeping womas got me thinking now!


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Joe They look good. They pass in my books. Only thing I might change would be placeing two holes in the inclosed hide box. The reason in this is when breeding season comes it is best to give the females a couple was to excape the male as I find the males block the root to get away. Bluie

solar 17

Are the boxes blue because they are for bluetongues ??????

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Very nice !! I can see Snake Whisperer , getting some pm's from this thread lol

Might even send him one myself...... ;)


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Looking great all setup Joe! Was gonna pop in today but figured you were busy! :p Yeh, I quite like the design, practical, functional and look great! I'll put together a pricing schedule once I crunch some numbers! :D
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