Snakes alive ... near the Mildura CBD

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    By Ashlee Falvo
    2 Jan 2019

    IF you think you’re safe from snakes in residential areas of Mildura, think again.

    A deadly eastern brown snake was found by Mildura snake catcher Steven Morrow over the weekend at a house on Pine Avenue, between 10th and 11th streets.

    “We’re getting about two calls a day on average but the heat over the past week or so has slowed them down a little bit, it’s too hot for them to come out,” Mr Morrow said.

    “The one we found on Pine Avenue was getting a bit too close to the CBD, but he’s probably just accidentally gotten lost. He’s been chased in, or he could even have been mechanically transported.

    “Quite often when they’re that close to suburbia, that’s what’s happened, it happens all the time.”

    In the instance of a snake bite, Mr Morrow said that while identifying the breed can be helpful, seeking medical attention should be the first priority.

    “The joy these days is that most people have a phone with a camera in their back pocket, and a picture tells a thousand words,” Mr Morrow said.

    “We can look at a picture and pretty much tell you what breed it is.

    “It would be helpful to know what kind it is, but you’ve really got to think about timing and get them off to hospital as quickly as possible.

    “If someone gets bitten, don’t spend hours looking for the snake.”

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