WA ***SOLD*** Black Headed Monitor (Varanus tristis tristis)

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    Moving on some Perth Hills Black Headed Monitors (Varanus tristis tristis). A sub adult wild caught male and two captive bred juveniles of unknown sex.

    Experienced keepers only for the wild caught male. He's not good to handle and would best suit a keeper or breeder looking to add new blood. Missing a few toes on one foot and tail has a few kinks as displayed in photos. Feeds on mice and quail chicks.

    Juveniles are from a different bloodline to the wild caught male. Feeding well on crickets, woodies, chopped up mice and quail chicks. Okay to handle, and occasionally hand feed. Sex unknown. Larger juvenile in the photo with the three lizards is not for sale.

    $350 each (including transfer fee for WA keepers). Will discount if all three are bought together.

    Category 4 licence required (for WA keepers).

    Can freight/export at buyer's expense. $180 for the export permit. Price for freight varies - $80-$100.

    Please message me if interested.

    male tristyaps.jpg
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    One juvenile sold pending pick up.
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    All juveniles sold. Only the sub adult left. Price negotiable for the right buyer.
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    All sold.

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