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some paperwork issues


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hello. i have brought 3 snakes of a woman in my local area. she has a licence to hold reptiles, as do i.

i have filled out a movement advice form and sent it to her to sign and send back but she hasn't and wont reply to me. how would i go about dealing with this. im in qld. i have a copy of her rwl in email. i dont want to get in strife over someones lazy crap.



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The seller is responsible for obtaining a Movement Advice and it must be completed BEFORE the reptile is handed over or if the reptile is being transported the relevant section of the completed MA must accompany the animal.
It does not mater if you are selling to a neighbour or someone in your house the same law applies.
This is clearly explained on the front page of the MA form.
When I am selling I get all the information and obtain an MA before I show anyone the animal otherwise you have to make another trip.
If both seller and purchaser are registered on My Gov then you can in theory execute an MA online at the point of sale but this is rarely used.