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Discussion in 'Australian Snakes' started by cheeky monkey, Jan 21, 2018.

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    Nov 12, 2017
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    For the Spotted Python owners out there, do you give your snakes a bit of height for climbing their vivs?
    I have been thinking about giving mine new enclosures, maybe converting some cabinets that are 32x15x35" high.
    My 2 youngest (18-24 months) are active and do like to climb, but the 3rd and largest/oldest doesn't climb that much in her current viv (not that it is very high anyway).
    I am also thinking about going down the bioactive route.

    Any input appreciated
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    Bioactive enclosures are brilliant for people who like problems and hassles, which is surprisingly common among animal keepers. Why have a simple, easy, cheap, safe system, when you can put a lot more work and money into having problems for you and your animals? I can't really answer the question, but many people seem to have one.

    Climbing definitely isn't necessary for Antaresia, but hey, it's not as much hassle as a bioactive enclosure, so it seems like a good compromise. I would personally go for a lower enclosure, it's easier to give them everything they need and want when you don't give them too much of what they don't need or want, but whatever you enjoy is good as long as the animals are happy :)

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