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Hey guys Most people see me as far to young to be addicted to nicotine but growing up in png with no parents is a little differant to growing up here. I have been smoking full time since the age of 12 and am really trying to kick the habit I was wondering what methods people have to stop smoking? what actually works I hAve been chewing gum for the past few weeks and have cut down from a pack of B&H a day to about 3-4 a day but have been getting cravings hard. How did you stop?


Hey mate iv just kicked the habit too! I tried gum etc and had no luck and after trying and failing a fair few times I ended up going to the doctor and got the drug CHAMPIX you need a prescription but its worth the appointment it really worked for me and would recomend giving it a go! it stops the cravings and makes the fags taste like ******! give it a try if nothing else is working for you it worked great for me

best of luck mate


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I have heard about them always just thought it was a waste of $70 to see a doc but I am willing to try anything I already hate them but they really settle me down when I get worked up. My house mates hate me when I'm off the smokes because I really am a different person very snappy and not at all understanding

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Forget the gum, patches ect. Go to your Doctor and ask for Champix, it is the ducks guts to stopping smoking. So very, very easy, NO withdrawal symptoms.....


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I need to quite as I smoke like a train in my room... obviously I can't keep my snakes in here... kick smoking and they can be moved!


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Nice work getting to the point you have mate! I've used the patch successfully in the past though fell off the wagon after 6 months. This was due to general lack of will power. It is the best tool for quitting smoking. Without it, you will struggle to kick this habit, which is said to have a more addictive effect on the body than heroin. Glad you started this thread though as I had not heard of Champix either. Keep us posted on how you go, I think I'll pop into my GP and discuss Champix as well!

Congrats Farma on kicking the butts! Hopefully bpb02 is right behind ya!


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terrible habbit.. I have been smoking since 2!


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When I quit smoking (after 12 - 13 years) I got lucky....

I caught some yucky virus (infectious mononucleosis - glandular fever) and was out on my back for 3 weeks - I couldn't go down the road to even buy a packet of ciggies (though at the time I rolled my own anyhow).

After the three weeks and I was well enough to go to the shops... I bought some rollies and... Tried one... and it was the last one I ever had... It just tasted awful!

So my advice is contract a viral infection like kissing disease and you'll be sweet :)


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champix for sure mate i had been smoking for almost 9 yrs smoked a pack a day,

a month ago i went to the doc got champix havnt wanted a smoke since...

its well worth giving it ago good luck.


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as i said in the last post, "allen carr's easy way to stop smoking" did it for me. but it depends on the kind of addiction you have i think. its a great thing to read anyway, and costs only $13 from (same as a pack of ciggies!). you continue to smoke while you read it and at the end you just stop! its great.

good luck! (i started when i was 12 too, and was on and off until last year -at 27- stopped for good)


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Forget the gum, patches ect. Go to your Doctor and ask for Champix, it is the ducks guts to stopping smoking. So very, very easy, NO withdrawal symptoms.....

i still had some pretty terrible withdrawal symptoms and bad side effects of the drug itself. it is a very dangerous drug on its own and if you are on any other medications it is very dangerous. reacts particularly badly with alcohol in many people. but in others it has no effect. can cause severe psychotic episodes and violent behaviours (on top of the general quitting anger). can cause confision and disorientation also. best bet is to obstain from alcohol completely also during the period that you are on champix. having said that. i quit. didnt follow the drug all the way to the end due to the side effects, but it did help. i think that once you get the motivation to go sit in a doctors office to ask for it. that you are going to quit even if the tablets were just tic tacs. the fact that they actually have beneficial pharmacodynamics is just a bonus (IMO). but having said that, it was 4 months on the 28th of May and I still want a smoke so badly that i ALMOST had one on sunday on three seperate occasions, in fact if they were offered i probably would have caved. (which is stupid i know... but thats addiction)


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Its easy to give up, had a heart attack, RFDS from central QLD to Prince Charles Hosp in Bris. Tripple bipass, it hurt like hell but no more smokes.


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I just gave it up, decided that I didn't need the cost and gave up on April 1st, April Fools Day, no longer a fool.
I used to drive trucks and smoked at least a packet a day, so I went to rollies, can't drive and roll, wrong.
I also had a back operation coming up and used to wake up coughing my guts up, the last thing you need after having major back surgery.
I had withdrawals, and I gained weight, but I got over the withdrawals, and I have lost the weight, well, most of it, lol.
But, I feel fantastic.


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Hi everyone

I am wondering if anyone has tried hypnotherapy. I am doing a course to become a psychotherapist at the moment and my lecture 'mate' is a hypnotherapist. he says he works with people who want to stop smoking and has good results....just wondering if there is anyone out there who has tried it.



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haha my mate swaers it has stopped him from smoking on three occasions. he is still a pack a day smoker claiming "i should go back to that hypnotherapist.. worked wonders on me"

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please do your research before taking champix !!

it can have some pretty bad side effects and i know this first hand...


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well done so far .....My wife & I have just given up as well. She used Champix & I went cold turkey so far so good .
A doctor friend of ours recommended the champix but he had more success with Zyban he himself a very heavy smoker
Once you have decided to give up for yourself rather than for any other reason its half the battle
Remember its the WON"T power not the Will power that'll get you thru ....Good luck!!!!!


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Good luck, I am sure you will get there.
Dont envy smokers, no idea how you guys afford them. Think of all the herps you could buy with that money.
My Dad gave up in the '80s and after six months putting smoke money in a jar, brought himself a (then) killer sound system--had an equalizer and everything lol.
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