Strangers’ water generosity saves turtles from drought

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    LIFELINE: More than 30 turtles are safe for now thanks to the genrosity of strangers. PHOTO: Ali Kuchel

    THE kindness of strangers has been a lifeline for a group of turtles stuck in a rapidly drying dam.

    Plainland author Trevor Bartley has always had some turtles in the dams in his properties.

    But the ongoing drought quickly dried up most of the bodies of water nearby, forcing the turtles to migrate to his last remaining dam which has been rapidly drying up.

    More than 30 tutles have decided to call his fast-drying dam home.

    With more and more turtles making their way to the dam – Mr Bartley said he know he had to do something.
    Trevor Bartley's very dry Plainland dam is home to more than 30 turtles

    As it was against the law for Trevor to relocated them himself, he put a call out on social media for help to secure water to top up the dam.

    A couple, who wished to remain anonymous, answered the call – carting 7000 litres of water to Mr Bartley’s property to give the turtles a temporary reprieve.

    He is now looking to organise a larger delivery of water to keep the turtles healthy in the long-term.

    While some suggested on Facebook post he should simply let nature take its course, Mr Bartley disagreed.

    “What ever I can do for natural flora and fauna – that’s what I want to do,” he said.

    “These little guys – there’s no where else for them to go – so when you see them migrating to your place you’ve got to have a heart.”

    And with the extra water in the dam, the little animals seem much happier.

    “Seeing how happy they are when you place them in the water, it just brings joy to it,” he said.
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